Name of the Association is SandS Cricket Association referred below as S.C.A. The mission of S.C.A is to organize local, national and international leagues to play cricket tournaments and encourage the teams to give their 100% in a friendly and family atmosphere ( EPL FAMILY)


All teams must carry general liability insurance, medical insurance and property damage insurance at all times. S.C.A and EPL organizers will not be liable or responsible for any injury or loss.

All Participants (Captain and team president responsibility) must sign the waiver form and must wear safety gears, safe guards, gloves etc... During all games a helmet with safety grill is must (No batsmen will be allowed to play without the helmet).

Game Timings:

The timings will be determined or decided based on tournament pattern for i.e. 20-20, 25 overs or day and night and timings will be provided to the teams before the start of the tournament. Game can be played morning, Afternoon and evening.

Rules of the Game:

  • IF the rule is missing in below EPL Laws then rule will be adopted from ICC rule book.
  • Each team must have 7 players present at the field to start the game but toss can be done with any # of players present.
  • If the game does not start on time each 5 minutes is = 1 over & will be deducted from team who is not present. If both teams are late the penalty would be imposed on both teams i.e. It will be 19 over instead of 20 and will keep reducing every 5 min late
  • Same rule will apply to afternoon game & if the ground is available and both teams are present the game can start earlier than the scheduled time.
  • If the team bowling first doesn't complete their 20 over's in 90 minutes. The team will be penalized 1 over = 5 min. If the Team bowling 2nd does not finish their overs in time. It will be penalized also for each ( 5 min= 6 runs). It means target will be reduced by 6 runs for each 5 minutes.
  • Umpire will make sure that the time is not being wasted from batting side purposely except for valid reasons
  • It is a 20 over tournament and one bowler cannot bowl more than 4 overs
  • Winning team is given 2 points per match but in case of tie then each team will get 1 point. Super over will be consider in the playoff games only.
  • Due to weather cause if the game cannot be finished or played, it will be rescheduled once otherwise the points will be equally divided. If game is interrupted due to weather decision will be based on D/L method. Condition: 7 overs have been bowled in second inning to use D/L method
  • Leg umpire to be provided by the batting side with no fee
  • Man of the match will be picked from the winning team
  • If the ball bounces two times before the stumps or if it is a surra it will considered fair delivery (no dead ball or no ball).
  • If the batsmen declared retired hurt he can only bat again in the last
  • Runners are not allowed. But you can obtain permission from the opposing captain
  • forfeit can't be consider if the game is started.
  • once the schedule is posted on website their will be no change allowed.
  • metal spikes are not allowed for bowling or batting but can be used for fielding. Only rubber spikes or non-slippery shoes allowed while bowling or batting.

Field Restrictions:

  • First 6 overs will be power play and only 2 fielders allowed to be outside of 30 yard.
  • Can't have more than 5 fielders outside the 30 yard circle anytime, there is no restrictions for inside the circle. Also it doesn`t matter if you are playing with 7 players or 11 players.
  • 12th player can be used as a fielder. An outside player can be used as a fielder only with the permission of opposite captain.
  • Can't have more than 5 fielder on the leg side at anytime
  • If the player does not show up before the last ball of 7th over,(and arrives late he should immediately inform the umpire that he is there) that player can only play with the opposite team captain's permission for that game or he will be replaced by the 12th man and 12th man will be counted as 11th player. (But this rule doesn't apply to the side who's batting first) Also he will have to wait for the same numbers of over to bowl. This rule also applies to fielders or injured players who take break during the game for Few overs and then come back.

Rules for Batsman:

  • Batsman will be given run out if his bat is on the line. No matter how wide is the line. The bat should be inside the line to survive.
  • Non striker batsman will be given run out if he is outside the crease and the bowler hit the wicket. (doesn't matter of the arm action.)
  • A player must play 4 games to qualify to play in the play offs.

Rules for Bowler:

  • 2 bouncers allowed in one over (including no-ball over the head) if Third one is bowled then bowler will be discountinued and will not be allowed to bowl for this game.
  • Over the waist only one per over allowed. after second over the waist bowled then bowler will be discountinue for this game.


  • All teams must respect the umpire and his decisions. Umpire is a human being and can make a mistake even then his decisions are final and binding under all circumstances. Argument with umpire will not be allowed at any time. Strict actions will be taken. If you have a complaint against the umpire you can file it with a S.C.A
  • Head umpire can overrule the leg umpire if he thinks he is wrong
  • Captains can check the timings with umpire to ensure they complete the overs within the time frames
  • All team must provide 2 umpires from their team for the season.

Dress Code:

  • All team players must wear their colored team uniforms during all games.
  • Option 2: Or the player can play but with 1 over penalty i.e. 2 players = 2 over.

Score sheet:

  • It is captain's responsibility to ensure the score sheet is completed accurately for each game
  • both captains and umpire must sign the score sheet after the game is finished to acknowledge that they have checked the score sheet properly and once its signed by both captains changes will not be allowed after that. (This doesn't apply if live scoring is used.)
  • Each team will get a password to enter their score sheet on the website. The opposing team will verify. All teams must enter their scores by wednesday night 12 pm otherwise 1 point penalty will be imposed (other penalties may be imposed)

Team Roster:

  • The player roster will be opened for the season.
  • Up to 30 players are allowed in the roster. The participating players' names must match their ID.
  • Once a player has played 2 game under one team the player cannot move to another team for the current season - (if player has played 1 game then he/she can change the team upon two teams captains agreement or NO objection. )
  • Player's name verification may be requested by the umpires or the S.C.A. official at their discretion in an event a complaint is made before or after the game.


  • Fee will be determined based on the numbers of teams participating
  • Fees is due 50% in advance before the league start & the remaining 50% is due on the first day of your first game (No Exceptions under any circumstances)
  • Once you have joined the league no refunds of any kind will be made under any circumstances

  • Super over (maximum 2) will be used in case of a game is tie. Team batting second will bat first. In case of no results after that decision will be made by doing a toss and toss will be done based on that particular games home and away team.
  • Home team will prepare the grounds.
  • The winning team of the evening game will put the base ball fence back.
  • Any team player breaking the rules such as fighting, arguing, verbal or physical abuse will be penalized by Either being banned from the game or from tournament
  • Captain must submit 12 players list to umpire & opposite captain before the start of the game. If any player from the list Does not show up at the ground during the game he can`t claim that he played that game
  • For a no ball next ball will be free hit. doesn`t matter what is the cause of no ball.
  • If the player's name is not in the roster he would not be allowed to play and would be considered illegal player.
  • In case of forfeit, the team who is available to play can provide 12 players name without showing up at the ground.
  • Fielders call will be the final call at the boundary but the decision will be made by the umpire.
  • Please use the designated wash rooms. This is a zero tolerance policy. Player may be suspended for 2 or more games and repeat violation can be jeopardize player's opportunity to play in the rest of the tournament.
  • Alcohol of any kind is not allowed at the ground according to the city ordinances .Player may be suspended for 2 or more games and repeat violation can be jeopardize player's opportunity to play in the rest of the tournament.
  • Score sheet is mandatory to post in the EPL group by each captain end of the day.
  • Arguing with umpire is not allowed at all if the umpire makes a written complained player can be suspended up to 2 games and repeat behavior can lead the player to a permanent suspension from the tournament
  • All team must pick-up their trash from their dough-out.
  • Penalty will be imposed right after action taken for bad behavior (immediately in the next event)
  • Color batting pads are must to get the fair LBW decision.
  • You can verify the score sheet before the second inning stars. For the second inning score verification you can check the score when 5 overs are left to finish the game or 25 runs to be needed to finish the game whichever comes first.

Code of Conduct Committee:

Few members from the different teams will serve on the committee and possibly the members will be rotated. S.C.A and EPL rules and regulations, league schedules are subject to change without prior notification. S.C.A decision will be final in any situation. A captain can file a complaint with the S.C.A. We as S.C.A RESERVE THE RIGHTS TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO EPL WITHOUT NOTIFYING ANYONE. ANY SITUATION WHICH IS NOT DEFINED IN THE BYLAWS WILL BE DECIDED BY S.C.A AND ALL TEAMS WILL BE BOUND TO ABIDE BY IT.

League disqualifications and penalties:

A team can be disqualified from the league or face penalty but not limited to the reasons listed below:
  • Alcohol drinks are not allowed on fields at any time
  • Arguing with umpire not allowed at any time
  • For not using the designated wash rooms
  • Due to physical and verbal abuse to any one
  • Disrespect to the game in any form
  • Players walking off the field while the game is in progress
  • Not putting the base ball fence back